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“A new idea to make the next Facebook or Google more diverse” – CNBC


“A new fund aims to provide diverse investors the opportunity to build wealth” – Fortune


“Two new efforts could widen the pool of people investing directly in venture funds” – TechCrunch


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For Growth Stage Companies

  • Acrew DCF targets investments of $5-$15m in growth stage equity financings
  • We are valued-added co-investors alongside lead growth investors 
  • We help market leading companies at a critical point in their lifecycle
  • We increase representation and diversity of the shareholder base through a single vehicle
  • We provide unique access to Acrew DCF’s network of Diverse Leaders to help diversify boardsexec teams, and perspectives 

For Diverse Leaders

  • Join us as a Founding Equity Partner
    • invest in leading private growth stage companies through a single vehicle*
    • refer in DCF investment opportunities; refer or be referred for board, exec, advisory, or speaking roles in DCF portfolio companies
  • Join us as a Founding Community Leader
    • refer in DCF investment opportunities; refer or be referred for board, exec, advisory, or speaking roles in DCF portfolio companies
  • Additional access to opportunities in Acrew’s early stage fund & portfolio

Why Now?

Company cap tables are not diverse, limiting equal access to wealth creation.

  • 8% of venture capital investors identify as women.
  • 3% of venture capital investors are black or Latinx.
  • Only 1.1% of all private funds are managed by women or people of color.
  • 22% of angel investors identify as women, and 12% of angel investors are people of color.
  • As round size grows, later stage funding sources are even less diverse.

Diverse funders improve investment returns, while equalizing opportunity for wealth creation.

Many fast growing companies lack diversity on their boards and in their executive teams.

  • Fortune 500 board composition includes 4.6% women of color and 11.5% men of color.

Meanwhile, diverse teams improve outcomes.

  • McKinsey data show Return on Equity (RoE) improves 20% with gender diverse boards and 35% with gender and ethnically diverse boards.

Welcoming Our Launch Partners 

The Acrew team is excited to welcome diverse leaders to launch the Acrew DCF:

Kerry W. Cooper


Sukhinder S. Cassidy

Founding Venture Partner
Founder & Chairman, theBoardlist

Charles Hudson

Founding Strategic Advisor
Managing Partner,

John China

Founding Strategic Advisor
SVB Capital

Interested in being involved?  

If you’re a leader at a growth stage company, or are interested in partnering with Acrew DCF, we’d love to hear from you.

Due to overwhelming support, we are no longer accepting individual investors at this time. We continue to welcome interest in participating as a Community Leader.

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* subject to self-certification as an Accredited Investor