Community Activated

The aggregation of hard to access or differentiated supply providers can enable defensibility underpinned by consumer loyalty. Passionate communities aren’t just on major social networks any more – and they require authenticity and tailor-made features. Newer technologies like AR, VR, and blockchain are enabling new kinds of interactions in digital worlds that are giving the old platforms a run for their money.

Hotel Tonight 
checks availability of hotel rooms and provides discounts on unsold empty rooms. The company enables users to book a room up to 100 days in advance and enables hotels to make sure they’re not operating under capacity. Thousands upon thousands of top hotels in cities & countries worldwide – meticulously vetted and maintained – ensure a best in class experience.

“At the end of the day, selecting your investor should be about the people. We’ve been working with this team for years and I can’t think of a better crew to be our long term partner.”

Sam Shank

CEO, Hotel Tonight