Data Interconnected

More data than ever is being created, and regulation demands it be less and less proprietary to the entity that created it. With so much sensitive (yet critically useful) data out there, the role of data arbiters that secure and enable access to meaningful information without compromising the underlying data is emerging. In an increasingly developer first world, software is being architected from the ground up to use intelligent APIs to pull and push this information to where it needs to be.

is the only way for businesses to reliably predict and adapt to the impact of real-world events so they never miss an opportunity. The company combines, aggregates, enriches, and connects data from local and global real-world events into one source of truth, helping businesses better understand and take advantage of the impact that events have on demand and enabling them to build smarter products. Proprietary ranking algorithms cut through the noise.

“The Acrew team showed us the ropes as we put our first Silicon Valley based round together. They brought in experienced partners and co-investors that have been unbelievably valuable, and are 100% focused on the long game and very collaborative in how they operate.”

Campbell Brown

CEO, PredictHQ